Applications for 2019/2020 will be accepted starting on September 1, 2019.

Online 2019-2020 Bursary Application Form

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All of the below must be submitted as part of your application, using Google Drive. Please carefully follow the instructions in the ‘How Do I Apply’ section of the KCSF website. 

1. Completed and signed 2019-2020 Bursary Application Form: The PDF application form can be downloaded from the KCSF website. All sections of the bursary application form must be completed and your responses must be typed. Handwritten, incomplete or late applications will not be considered by the KSCF Selection Committee

2. Supporting documentation: A single PDF of:

a. Proof of full time registration at a post-secondary institution.

b. Proof of tuition payment at a post-secondary institution.

c. Canadian Student Loan/Provincial Student Loan documentation (or non-eligibility letter). Note: If you did not apply for a student loan, please provide reasons in Section 6 of the application form.

d. T1 Personal Tax Return for the past year and corresponding Notice of Assessment from Canada Revenue Agency.

Note: If you did not file a tax return, please provide reasons in Section 6 of the application form.