Become a KCSF Ambassador!!

Our Mission is to

Establish a community of post-secondary student KCSF Ambassadors from Ontario-wide universities and colleges to:

  • Proactively promote KCSF events and initiatives
  • Bridge the network between post-secondary students and young professionals
  • Support post-secondary students to achieve their academic and professional goals

Perks & Benefits

  • Early access to KCSF events and information
  • Create personal connections and exposure to wide network of students, young professionals from variety of schools and industries
  • Experience as a KCSF Ambassador for applications and resume; eligible for reference based on performance
  • Special group discount codes for KCSF events
  • Research and provide resources (e.g. mentorship, speakers at events, financial support) for post-secondary student communities consisting of an active Korean-Canadian audience

Ambassador Positions

KCSF Scholarship



✔   Early access to KCSF events and information

✔   Be a KSCF post-scholarship recipient

✔   Have a knowledge of KCSF programs and initiatives

✔   Demonstrate effective leadership, communication, and marketing skills

✔   Be part of a club or an organization at your school

✔   Be an executive member of an active, student-run organization/club

✔   Demonstrate the organization’s mission and activities align with KCSF’s values and goals

✔   Showcase the organization’s influence among Korean-Canadian students at the school

✔   Be a current post-secondary student at Ontario college or university

✔   Have a network of Korean-Canadians at your school

✔  Relevant leadership, community, marketing, or volunteering experiences

✔   Established social media presence and communication skills to deliver messages to targeted audiences (an asset)

We ask of you to...

✔   Effectively promote KCSF’s initiatives through networking and personal social-media accounts




✔   Include KCSF’s logo in all event marketing materials

✔   Promote KCSF’s initiatives, particularly SDC events, at academic and social events, including Clubs Day.

✔   Market KCSF’s initiatives through the organization’s active social media accounts and online communication chains

✔   Participate in 1 meeting per semester with a SDC representative

✔   Effectively promote KCSF’s initiatives through online and offline strategies, including networking/ announcements at events, social media communication, and putting up events posters around campus

✔   Participate in monthly meetings with a SDC representative via call or in person



Interested in Becoming a KCSF Ambassador?

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