Congratulations to the 2017-18 Korean Canadian Scholarship Foundation’s scholarship recipients!  

Please see below for a list of the scholarship recipients for this year. 

Donald Choi Canada Award of Excellence

(Value: $7500 x 4 years, for a total award value of $30,000)

Moon Young Kim, University of Waterloo

Byung Kuk Kim Memorial Scholarship

(Value: $2500 x 4, for a total award value of $10,000)

Daniel Kwon, University of Waterloo

General Scholarships

Undergraduate (including Pharmacy)

Sung and Hae Kim Scholarship (Value: $10,000) : Lina Han, University of Ottawa

Enviro Mushroom Farm of Excellence (Value: $5,000): Jay Kim, University of Calgary

KEB Hana Bank Canada Scholarship (Value: $2,500): Julianne Nieh, University of British Columbia

Ehwa Girls High School Scholarship (Value: $2,500): Sharon Yoon, University of Toronto

Shinhan Bank Canada Scholarship (Value: $2,500): Rebecca Song, Schulich School of Business

Aoonuri Scholarship (Value: $2,500): Sally Kim, Queen's University

Nam Soo Kim Family Scholarship (Value: $2,500): Jennifer Seo, University of Manitoba

TD Canada Trust Scholarship (Value: $2,500): Iris Kim, Ryerson University

Samjin Globalnet Scholarship (Value: $2,500): Ha Young Choi, Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College

Pan Asia Food Scholarship (Value: $2,500): Chan Young Kim, University of Waterloo

Matthew Im Scholarship (Value: $2,500): Anne Kim, University of Ottawa


Masters, Medicine, Law and Dentistry

Yeon Tak Chang Scholarship (Value: $2,500): Eugene Park, Concordia University

TD Canada Trust Scholarship (Value: $2,500): Laura Kim, University of Toronto

Hak M. Lim Scholarship (Value: $2,500): Yung Lee, McMaster University

Taek-Soon Yoon Scholarship (Value: $2,500): Rachel Oh, Queen's University

Hyeil Noh Memorial Scholarship (Value: $2,500): Gunhee Kim, McGill University

In Sik Moon Scholarship (Value: $2,500): Janet Lee, University of Toronto



Enviro Mushroom Farm of Excellence (Value: $5,000): Eugena Kwon, University of Western Ontario

Samjin Globalnet Scholarship (Value: $2,500): Angie Park, York University

Sang Hoon Hahn Scholarship (Value: $2,500): Dongkyu Na, University of Ottawa

Pan Asia Food Scholarship (Value: $2,500): Hyunah Kim, University of Toronto

Yun Back Kim Family Foundation Award of Excellence (Value: $2,500): Isaac Chang, University of Toronto

Dongwoo Cultural Association Scholarship (Value: $2,500): Jess Jeong, York University

P.A.T. Supermarket - Sun Ok Lee Scholarship (Value: $2,500): Jong Bok Lee, University of Toronto

Kyung Kuk Sohn Scholarship (Value: $2,500): Seungmin Lee, University of Ottawa

Yu-An Farms Scholarship (Value: $2,500): Tae Hyuk Brian Keum, University of Maryland-College Park

Galleria Supermarket Scholarship (Value: $2,500): Hyunwoo Kwon, Medical University of South Carolina