Congratulations to the 2017-18 Korean Canadian Scholarship Foundation’s scholarship recipients!  

Please see below for a list of the scholarship recipients for this year. 

Each scholarship recipient will receive an email in March 2018 with an invitation to the Scholarship Night Gala and further details.

Donald Choi Canada Award of Excellence

(Value: $7500 x 4 years, for a total award value of $30,000)

Moon Young Kim, University of Waterloo

Byung Kuk Kim Memorial Scholarship

(Value: $2500 x 4, for a total award value of $10,000)

Daniel Kwon, University of Waterloo

General Scholarships

Undergraduate (including Pharmacy)

Sung and Hae Kim Scholarship (Value: $10,000) : Lina Han, University of Ottawa

Enviro Mushroom Farm of Excellence (Value: $5,000): Jay Kim, University of Calgary

KEB Hana Bank Canada Scholarship (Value: $2,500): Julianne Nieh, University of British Columbia

Ehwa Girls High School Scholarship (Value: $2,500): Sharon Yoon, University of Toronto

Shinhan Bank Canada Scholarship (Value: $2,500): Rebecca Song, Schulich School of Business

Aoonuri Scholarship (Value: $2,500): Sally Kim, Queen's University

Nam Soo Kim Family Scholarship (Value: $2,500): Jennifer Seo, University of Manitoba

TD Canada Trust Scholarship (Value: $2,500): Iris Kim, Ryerson University

Samjin Globalnet Scholarship (Value: $2,500): Ha Young Choi, Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College

Pan Asia Food Scholarship (Value: $2,500): Chan Young Kim, University of Waterloo

Matthew Im Scholarship (Value: $2,500): Anne Kim, University of Ottawa


Masters, Medicine, Law and Dentistry

Yeon Tak Chang Scholarship (Value: $2,500): Eugene Park, Concordia University

TD Canada Trust Scholarship (Value: $2,500): Laura Kim, University of Toronto

Hak M. Lim Scholarship (Value: $2,500): Yung Lee, McMaster University

Taek-Soon Yoon Scholarship (Value: $2,500): Rachel Oh, Queen's University

Hyeil Noh Memorial Scholarship (Value: $2,500): Gunhee Kim, McGill University

In Sik Moon Scholarship (Value: $2,500): Janet Lee, University of Toronto



Enviro Mushroom Farm of Excellence (Value: $5,000): Eugena Kwon, University of Western Ontario

Samjin Globalnet Scholarship (Value: $2,500): Angie Park, York University

Sang Hoon Hahn Scholarship (Value: $2,500): Dongkyu Na, University of Ottawa

Pan Asia Food Scholarship (Value: $2,500): Hyunah Kim, University of Toronto

Yun Back Kim Family Foundation Award of Excellence (Value: $2,500): Isaac Chang, University of Toronto

Dongwoo Cultural Association Scholarship (Value: $2,500): Jess Jeong, York University

P.A.T. Supermarket - Sun Ok Lee Scholarship (Value: $2,500): Jong Bok Lee, University of Toronto

Kyung Kuk Sohn Scholarship (Value: $2,500): Seungmin Lee, University of Ottawa

Yu-An Farms Scholarship (Value: $2,500): Tae Hyuk Brian Keum, University of Maryland-College Park

Galleria Supermarket Scholarship (Value: $2,500): Hyunwoo Kwon, Medical University of South Carolina