Frequently Asked Questions

1. KCSF requires all applicants to scan required supporting documents and submit them through Google Drive. What types of electronic files are acceptable? 

We require that each applicant saves all of the required supporting documents as a single PDF file using a proper

digital scanner. Only readable electronic files (in PDF) will be accepted.


2. Can I scan the required supporting documents as separate PDFs?

No – please scan all of the supporting documents as a single PDF file. Only the bursary application form can be submitted as a separate attachment.


3. Can I save my partially completed application form online so that I may re-open and complete at a later date prior to the deadline?

No. Unfortunately the software we are currently using does not provide the capability to save/store partially completed applications.


4. What documentation do you require for the bursary application?

A listing of all required documentation (to be submitted in electronic format) can be found in the ‘How Do I Apply’ section of our website, as well as the checklist section (located at the end of the application form) of every application.


5. How can I confirm or be notified that KCSF has received my application once I submit electronically?

Once you submit the online registration form, you will see a notification confirming that we have successfully received your registration. You will not receive a separate email. You will not receive a separate notification or email confirmation of the application form and the supporting documents shared through Google Drive. However, if there are any questions, concerns or issues pertaining to your application, a member of our selection committee may contact you by email or phone.

6. What do you accept as proof of registration?

We prefer a letter from your school registrar confirming your enrollment, or confirmation from the school regarding payment of tuition fees.


7. Can an applicant apply for both the bursary and the scholarship?

Yes, you may apply for both the bursary and the scholarship in the same year.


8. I am enrolled part-time. Am I still eligible to apply for a bursary?

No, only students enrolled full-time may apply.


9. My question is not covered by this FAQ section. Who should I contact?

All other inquiries relating to the KCSF bursary applications should be directed to: