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Nurturing Students to Achieve Their Full Potential

Welcome to the Korean Canadian Scholarship Foundation (KCSF) – an organization dedicated to helping students achieve their dreams.  Founded in 1978 by the pioneering 1st generation of Korean-Canadians, the organization has continuously evolved to help students soar and achieve their potential.

Vision: Growing the dream trees of tomorrow.

The concept of “dream trees” is unique to our Korean heritage. Generations before us have traditionally held dreams, hopes and aspirations for the next generation. Our youth represent promising dream trees nurtured by the prior generation to cultivate their talent and fulfill their potential for growth. As our youth reach their full potential, the dreams of the generation before are fulfilled, and those dream trees blossom and plant seeds for future generations. The KCSF was founded on this principle by the founding members in 1978.


The mission of the KCSF is to nurture students to achieve their full potential and to provide opportunities for Korean­Canadian students to create their unique paths to success. The KCSF seeks to develop a new generation of leaders who will continue with the values of the KCSF and nurture new dream trees. The KCSF accomplishes this primarily through its scholarship and student development programs. 

KCSF Programs

The KCSF started out offering scholarships to post-secondary students.  That foundation still exists.  Today, we have expanded our service to the community via bursaries and pro-active programs via the Student Development Committee and Steering Committee.


Message from the Chair of KCSF

Phillip Cho  Chairperson, Korean Canadian Scholarship Foundation

Phillip Cho

Chairperson, Korean Canadian Scholarship Foundation



"I am honoured to have the privilege to serve as the Chairperson of Korean Canadian Scholarship Foundation. Before me, many admirable individuals volunteered countless hours to carry out the vision of the founders of the Foundation and I will strive to continue the excellent leadership that preceded me.
In 1978, the founders of the Korean Canadian Scholarship Foundation sought to promote and encourage young Korean-Canadians to make the best of the opportunities available to them in their new homeland of Canada. The founders also had the foresight to understand that, for Korean-Canadians to thrive and succeed as a community, the emergence of leaders from within our own community would be a vital component in that success.
As more Korean-Canadians find success within Canada and abroad, it continues to be ever important that, as a community, we continue to share and celebrate each other’s accomplishments because these stories of success nourish the seeds of potential within our community – our children, our elderly, our families, our peers, our newcomers – our “dream trees”.
The Korean Canadian Scholarship Foundation is ever concerned with the vitality of the Korean-Canadian community within Canada and at large. Celebrating the success of post-secondary students by awarding scholarships is just one way that the Foundation aims to foster the growth of leaders, inspire the next generation, cultivate philanthropy and volunteerism, and ultimately, to ensure the healthy and active participation of the Korean-Canadian community in Canada. The Foundation also provides bursaries to those in financial need and through its Student Development Committee, promotes the growth of young leaders through events such as career conferences, mentorship programs, internship opportunities, and networking receptions.
I sincerely hope that the Foundation will serve as a vehicle for all generations of Korean-Canadians – from our founders, to the first generation immigrants, to the “1.5’s”, to the second and now, third generations of Korean-Canadians, and to Korean-Canadians of inter-ethnic marriage – to come together as a community and foster the continued success of Korean-Canadians in Canada.
We invite you to join us in ensuring the continued success of the Korean-Canadian community in Canada."

2018 Report from the Chair

2017 Financial Statement


Past Chairs of KCSF

1978-1980 Taek Soon Yoon

1980-1981  Young Il Lee

1981-1982  Sang Whay Kooh

1982-1983  Kong Seon Kang

1983-1984  Sung Wook Lee

1984-1985  Byung Kwon Kim

1985-1986  Sang Hoon Hahn

1986-1987  Chang Bok Lee

1987-1988  Byung Kuk Kim

1988-1989  Yeon Soo Kim

1989-1990  Chae Kyu Song

1990-1991  Hyun Koo Oh

1991-1992  In Sik Moon

1992-1993  Sang Hoon Hahn

1993-1994  Ho Seop Yoon

1994-1995  John Im


1995-1996  Susan J. Han

1996-1997  Taek Soon Yoon

1997-1998  Byung Kuk Kim

1998-1999  Yee Hee Lee

1999-2000  Joon Ho Lee

2000-2005  Brian Kim

2005-2007  Dae Kang

2007-2009  Jae Chong



2009-2012  Brian Lee

2012-Current  Philip Cho