Attention all Korean-Canadian high school students!

KONNECT Mentorship Camp is back again, with new exciting content and activities in store over a 2 night 3 day retreat! Taking place at the Braeside Camp from March 9th to 11th, it is a great opportunity for all high school students to receive mentorship from both university/college students and young professionals from diverse backgrounds, as well as having a chance to build long lasting friendship with fellow Korean-Canadian high school students. Please see below for how you can register to be a part of this exciting march break retreat! For any inquiries, please reach out to us at

한인장학재단 (KCSF) 학생 계발부 (SDC) 에서 주관하는 KONNECT Mentorship 고등학생 캠프가 이번년도에도 어김없이 돌아왔습니다! Braeside Camp에서 3월 9일부터 11일까지 2박3일로 주최되는 이번년도 캠프에는 새롭게 짜여진 프로그램들과 다채로운 레크리에이션 액티비티를 통하여 참여하시는 고등학생분들에게 포괄적인 멘토쉽, 다양한 진로상담 그리고 다른 학생분들과 뜻깊은 교류를 할수있는 기회의 장을 만들려 합니다. 관심있으신 학생분들께서는 아래에 기재된 참여방법을 참고하여 신청해 주시고 궁금한점 있으시면 로 문의해주시면 감사하겠습니다.


Empowering the Youth of Our Community

The KONNECT Project is a project of the Student Development Committee.  KONNECT is an annual youth leadership camp, designed to provide a meaningful and enjoyable opportunity for high school students. The primary focus of the KONNECT Project is on the development of these Korean Canadian youths as future leaders.

This project is led by a group of passionate Konnect leaders (consisting of post-secondary Korean-Canadian students) under the guidance of the Korean Canadian Scholarship Foundation’s Student Development Committee (KCSF-SDC). Through this project we aim to connect the leaders of today, tomorrow and the future by providing opportunities for participants to meet other fellow Korean-Canadian youths, post-secondary students as well as young professionals to build a valuable network within our community.


Annual KONNECT Camp

The program of KONNECT Camp consists of many exciting and interactive activities designed to promote discovery of self-confidence, self-awareness, and self-acceptance, particularly within the context of Korean Canadian identity. Moreover, tips on successful transition into post-secondary life will also be provided by KONNECT leaders and KCSF-SDC mentors. Participating Korean Canadian youths will be able to build leadership skills, confidence and further explore their cultural identity during their experience in the KONNECT camp

Camp program


    • Participants will receive direct advice regarding their desired career trajectory from university students & working professionals. In addition, activities will help foster the students’ soft skills necessary for professional development.

    • Sample activities: mock networking (everyone gets to dress up!), mock interview, career mapping


    • Participants will gain an enhanced understanding of their leadership style & put it into practice through a series of team-building activities

    • Sample activities: dragon’s den (each team chooses a product for a cause of their choice & advocates to attract investments from leaders/mentors), personality types, survival game


    • With the rising prevalence of poor mental health among millennials, self-care is ever so critical. Students will learn to recognize, process, and respond to such challenges safely and effectively.

    • Sample activities: love letter (write out compliments to self & current stressors; throw the negative notes into bonfire!), anonymous confession, jeopardy

Benefits for participants

  • Develop skills outside of classroom such as leadership, communication, teamwork, problem solving and time management

  • Receive multiple layers of mentorship

  • Activities to facilitate personal and professional growth

  • Build lasting relationships with mentors and fellow students

  • Become more comfortable with their cultural identity as Korean Canadian

  • Have fun!

Past participants’ Testimonials

“I thought it was really informative in having the experience of talking to both people in university as well as working professionals in various fields. I also liked that there were a lot of Korean-Canadian participants because I was never around many Korean-Canadian people.” – Jenny Baek

“Coming from a small town, KONNECT really helped shape my identity as a Korean-Canadian. Being able to network and connect with those who share my background really made me comfortable expressing my talents and my own individuality.” – Chris Wee

“Konnect is one of those unique experiences that you will remember for many years. It was an opportunity to learn more about myself and was an important step that led me to who I am today. The friendships and experiences that I made are very special to me.” – Angel Shon

“From where I’m from, there are not many Korean people. This camp opened my eyes to see that this is who I am, this is my culture, my background. It opened my heart that I could connect with them on a deep level.” – Joshua Chung

2019 Camp Mentors