Our Interns: Where Are They Now?

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"I took part in the Parliamentary Internship program in the fall of 2013. Upon completion of my internship program in Member of Parliament Rob Anders’ office, I was hired in Calgary as his Constituency Assistant. I continued to work in his riding office until September 2015, when I moved back to Ottawa to start my first year of studies at the University of Ottawa, Faculty of Law. My internship experience confirmed my interests in public law and inspired me to pursue study law in the nation’s capital, home to the Supreme Court of Canada and the headquarters of the federal government. The mentoring and guidance I received from Senator Yonah Martin, Peer Mentors and fellow interns was invaluable in choosing Ottawa to be home. With these interpersonal connections and the strong community that the internship has established for me in Ottawa, I look forward to becoming a contributing member of the Parliamentary Internship Program as an alumnus."


"The Parliamentary program was an incredible learning opportunity that provided me with the chance to work on the hill while receiving valuable mentorship from Senator Martin. The experience inspired and equipped me with the necessary tools to further engage in the areas of law, politics and public policy. After the completion of the program, I continued working for the government at the Ministers' Regional Office in BC. Currently, I am studying law at Queen's University."


"During the 2016 Parliamentary Internship Program, I was placed in the office of the Honourable Tony Clement. At the end of January 2017, I will be returning back to Ottawa as I was offered a full-time position as MP Clement's Parliamentary Assistant. I plan to further develop and polish my knowledge and skills gained through this internship program to benefit both my member and to make beneficial contributions and changes for the future generations. I thank Senator Martin for being the greatest mentor and role model for many 1.5 and 2nd generation Korean-Canadians like myself, and for establishing this wonderful program, which allows young adults to get first-hand experience in the political realm. I am truly honoured and grateful to have been offered an extended privilege to return back on the majestic grounds of Parliament Hill. I wish the best to my fellow 2016 interns, mentors, and future enrollees to this program. Good luck!"


"After finishing my B.A from McGill University in July, 2013, I was very fortunate to be part of the 2013 Parliamentary Internship & Mentoring Program. The internship not only gave me a tremendous Parliamentary experience, but also the opportunity to meet awesome people. I became good friends with my fellow interns and with the peer mentors ('sunbaes'). I believe that this mentor-mentee system is what distinguishes Senator Martin's program from any other internship on the Hill."


"I am in my third year of studies at McGill Faculty of Law, pursuing a combined B.C.L./LL.B. degree. At McGill, I am the Citations Editor for Volume 61 of the McGill Law Journal, and I volunteer at the Center for Research Action on Race Relations to help out with discrimination cases. In my last semester, I hope to study abroad in Paris to broaden my understanding of the civil law system, European institutions, and the French language. This summer, I look forward to working at business law firms in Toronto and New York City. Thank you for your continued interest in our Korean-Canadian student network. We have you to thank for the opportunities we encounter and the successes we share."


"At the end of the internship program at The Honourable Tony Clement’s Hill Office, I was offered full time employment as his Parliamentary Assistant. For the course of three years, I had the privilege to witness firsthand how Canadian federal politics work in both riding and ministerial offices and grew interest in Canadian politics. Outside of the office, I had the privilege to get involved in various events during the Year of Korea (2013). I was also named a Global Shaper by the World Economic Forum in 2013 for being a community and global leader. In July 2014, I took on a new role as a Coordinator for International Relations at the International Relations Bureau of Fukuoka Prefectural Government in Japan. My current job involves mainly translating official documents from Japanese into English, assisting with sister city relations, and providing support for foreign English teachers residing in Fukuoka Prefecture. As I continue to translate official letters of the Governor and assist with communication between governments of Fukuoka and foreign countries, I am thankful for the transferable skills and experiences that I gained while working in the Parliament of Canada. During my spare time, I do karate, yoga and travel to discover more about Asia."


"After the Parliamentary Internship, Julie changed her course to pursue a law degree instead of a doctoral degree. The internship experience inspired Julie to discover how effective and practical law can be to address needs of our community and solve complex problems in our society. Most importantly, the connections she made in Ottawa endure well beyond the program. Julie continues to stay in touch with her peers from the internship program. Additionally, Julie's homestay host during her internship, Monica Song, a lawyer, has become an inspiring role model during her study in law. She wishes to utilize her training in law and psychology to advocate for families and children."


"I took part in the Parliamentary Internship and Mentoring Program during the fall term of 2013. Upon completion of the program, I have completed by final year of undergraduate studies at the University of Ottawa, specializing an honours degree in History. I had originally studied at Queen’s University for the first two years of my undergrad, but transferred to uOttawa during the internship."


"Being in Ottawa has provided me with an exceptional opportunity to be at the centre of public policy and law formulation volunteering in Sen. Martin's office in early 2013 (I also had the opportunity to assist her in Korea in July), but upon her appointment as Deputy Leader of the Government in the Senate, Sen. Martin hired me as her Legislative Assistant. The experience on Parliament Hill has ignited my passion for labour and public law, and I aspire to pursue a legal career with the federal government. I have recently completed my third year of the combined JD/MA (International Affairs program at the University of Ottawa, Faculty of Law and Carleton University's Norman School of International Affairs (NPSIA). I currently work at the Department of Justice as a Student-at-Law."


"In the fall of 2014, I began my Parliamentary Internship in the office of the Honourable Tony Clement. At the end of the internship, I was offered a position as his full-time Member’s Assistant, succeeding Ji-Young Kim (one of the 2012 interns). Now it has been almost a year and a half since setting foot in the majestic halls of Canada's Parliament. In my current position, I am able to apply my knowledge and skills to communicate and aid our constituents. I look forward to learning and growing in my role, and eventually contributing to the Korean-Canadian community in a meaningful way."


"I am currently working as a North America Branch Manager for ADM21, a global automotive parts Manufacturing company based in Korea. Although my career path has shifted since Ottawa, I have clearly noticed how the training and learning from Ottawa perfectly applies to my current work. Moreover, I am serving the community to share my experience from Ottawa. I am a member of the National Unification Advisory Council special project team which focuses on raising awareness among youth and young adults about unification and other NK issues. I wish to extend my most sincere thanks to all those who supported my journey to Ottawa. Without the incredible internship and mentoring program, I would not be where I am today."


"Following my internship, I worked full-time for former MP Barry Devolin for 2 years until the Fall of 2014, when I began work as the Special Assistant to Senator Yonah Martin. I am extremely thankful for the opportunity to have worked for the both of them as they are champions of the Korean-Canadian community, CanadaKorea relations and genuinely interested in North Korean issues. I truly feel that the Parliamentary Internship & Mentoring Program is an amazing stepping stone for 1.5/2nd generation Korean Canadians like me to better understand politics and learn to play a key role in shaping Canada's future. Senator Yonah Martin has individually mentored and guided me by her example to be a leader and history maker during my time on Parliament Hill."


"In the Fall of 2014, I had the honour of working for Minister Jason Kenney in his Ministerial Office. Ottawa offered me a new home, life-long friendships and constructive challenges. Upon finishing this eye-opening internship experience, I was able to extend my experience as Administrative Assistant to Senator Yonah Martin in 2015. Senator Martin has been a great guide throughout my journey in Ottawa and continues to be my mentor as I am back in Calgary pursuing my studies. As Senator Martin demonstrates, I look forward to becoming ‘as strong as two people’ to better serve the community and wider society in Calgary."


"I am currently working at Camfil Power Systems as a Sales Application Engineer while preparing for my wedding in May. The internship has helped me be more aware of where my capabilities are and what I need to improve. It is an opportunity of a lifetime. Beyond politics, the skills I acquired during the internship actually became inhibitors for my progress at my work. I am now working in an environment where I am expected to speak up and claim progress for myself. Where I must manage personnel, take initiatives and accelerate through progress."


"Senator Martin has mentored me for nearly eight years, when I first began as a volunteer on her campaign in 2008. My experience as an intern with Senator Martin was a rewarding one, not only for work experience but more importantly, for teaching me many life skills. In 2012, I also completed an internship at the Ministers Regional Office in Vancouver. From July 2013-April 2015, I was contracted to work as Sen. Martin's Regional Assistant. Upon completing my Bachelor’s Degree with an Honours in Economics in April 2015, I have been working in Senator Martin’s Ottawa office as her Special Assistant. I look forward to the future, and using the many skills I have learned with Senator Martin’s Office to continue making beneficial contributions to society."


"I am the Co-founder and Vice President at Diversus Media Group Ltd, which I started with three partners, to be engaged in form, in the harmony of “diversity”. We help corporations, businesses, governments and organizations in broadening their marketing by appealing to multi-cultural communities. Ottawa was truly an eye-opening experience for me and I’m still engaged in politics to this day - learning and gaining invaluable insights in serving the public through different networks. I am grateful to everyone who supported me during my internship experience. My journey continues but the 4-month internship experience in 2012 will remain as a special milestone in my life. To my fellow interns, I wish you all the best in your future endeavors."