Scholarship - Byung Kuk Kim

Each year, one Byung Kuk Kim Memorial Scholarship (BKK) award may be awarded. The BKK award is a four (4) year scholarship, with $2,500 being awarded at the beginning of each school year, with the total amount being $10,000.

BKK Applicants must be enrolled full-time during the 2017-2018 academic year, and must be in their first year of an engineering program at an accredited post-secondary school.

The BKK award recipient must remain in the engineering program and maintain a minimum academic average (i.e.GPA) of B (or equivalent) for each completed year, for a maximum of four (4) years in order to fulfill the requirements to renew the scholarship award. If the minimum GPA is not achieved, the recipient will forfeit the award for that year and any subsequent years.